Safety Certificate Inspections


Pink slips and e-safety checks.

In NSW it is compulsory that your vehicle must pass a Safety inspection (formerly known as a pink slip) under the following circumstances:

• Your registration renewal notice tells you an inspection is required
• You want to renew your registration and your car is more than 5 yrs old
• You need to register a car that is not currently registered in NSW

Angel Auto Services are an Authorised Inspection Check station and are fully equipped and qualified to inspect your vehicle. If your vehicle passes the safety inspection Angel Auto Services will submit the results electronically to the RTA so you can then register your vehicle online using MYREGO.

 If your vehicle does not pass the safety inspection Angel Auto Services will provide you a written report outlining what repairs are needed in order for your vehicle to pass the pink slip inspection.

Remember – a safety inspection is not designed to qualify the overall reliability of your vehicle, if you would like a full inspection and report on your vehicle ask us about our comprehensive 150 point vehicle report.

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